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What should be paid attention to when using pad printing silicone?

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When the environmentally friendly new silicone materials are widely used in people's daily life necessities, the advantages of pad printing silicone are gradually discovered by people. The pad printing head is the most important printing tool on the pad printing machine. The pad printing head and how to make the pad printing head are the most durable. In fact, they can also be familiar and understood from the industrial use, application characteristics and precautions of pad printing silicone, silicone rubber raw materials, and liquid silicone raw materials.


1. Application of pad printing glue: Pad printing silicone glue is mainly used for the printing of irregular patterns such as plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, communication equipment, craft gift stationery, etc. The pad printing head is to use the pattern on the steel plate through the glue head as a carrier, and then transfer the pattern on the steel plate to the toy printing product.2. Pay attention to the use of pad printing glueThe impurities should be filtered out during the silica gel filtration, or during the packaging process, the buckets or plastic bags should be cleaned when manually repacking.


The service life of the pad printing silicone is closely related to the size of the pattern to be printed. During the pad printing operation, the plastic head should be replaced according to the size of the pattern. For example, when printing a large pattern, use a larger pad printing head, and when printing a small pattern, use a small head. The ratio of the size of the rubber head to the pattern is normally 3:1.3. Matters needing attention: Any glue head or glue should be oiled. If a large pattern is printed and the font is thick, a pad printing head with a lower hardness should be used to prevent the phenomenon of not being oiled. The English letters that are not oiled are English letters. Small, the reason is still that the hardness of the rubber head itself is too large, and the ink under the steel plate is not adsorbed on the rubber head.There are still many details that need to be paid attention to during the use of pad printing silicone. I will not repeat them here. If you encounter problems that are difficult to solve, you can pay attention to us.

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