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Introduction of The Maintenance Method of UV Flat-panel Printer

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1.Ensure that the surrounding environment of the UV flat-panel printer is clean. Too much dust in the working environment is easy to lead to poor lubrication of the trolley guide shaft, blocking the movement of the printing head in the printing process, causing inaccurate printing position or hitting the mechanical frame and causing damage and crash. When the print head is not back to the original position and restart, the printer will first let the print head back to the original position, and then will clean the spray head operation, so it will cause unnecessary waste of ink.

2. You must ensure that the UV flatlet printer has a solid working platform and do not place any items on the top of the uv flat panel printer. The printer must close its front cover when printing to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects from hindering the movement of the printer cart. Do not plug the printer cable, which will damage the printer print port and PC parallel port, and even seriously damage the PC motherboard. If the printout is not clear, the nozzle can be cleaned with the automatic cleaning function of the printer, but a small amount of ink. If the printing is still not satisfactory after several continuous washes, the ink may have been used up and the ink cartridge needs to be replaced. 

3. Before shutdown, let the print head go back to the original position (when the printer is in the pause state, the print head automatically returns to the original position). This is to avoid the printer on the next cleaning the nozzle operation to waste the ink, because the nozzle can be sealed by the protective cover in the initial position, so that the nozzle is not easy to plug.


4, ink cartridges need regular correction: users with printer experience know that the printer should correct the printer after reloading the ink cartridges or changing the new ink cartridges, in order to improve the printing accuracy and printing quality. 

5, when the ink cartridge is not used up, do not remove it, so as not to cause the ink waste or the printer of the ink measurement errors. 

6. The ink cartridge should be placed at room temperature when not used for a long time to avoid direct sunlight. Because the ink evaporates quickly in this environment, it is easy to cause the nozzle to plug. In addition, in a low-temperature and humid environment, the print head circuit and ink are prone to problems. 


7. When changing ink cartridges, we must follow the steps in the operation manual, and pay special attention to the above operation when the power is on. After the cartridge is replaced, the printer will charge the ink on the ink delivery system, which will not be possible during the shutdown state, and the printer will not detect the reinstalled cartridge. In addition, some printers measure the capacity of the ink by using an electronic counter inside the printer (especially in the statistics of the color ink used). When the counter reaches a certain value, the printer determines that the ink is exhausted. During the cartridge replacement process, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter to confirm that the new cartridge is installed. 

8. In addition, the grating strip of uv flat panel printer should also be protected, do not touch with your hands, do not let it be contaminated with dust, in case the positioning is not accurate.

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