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Structural principle of rotary pad printing machine

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Pad printing machine with conveyor is a kind of printing machine, the so-called printing method, is to print the pattern text through the film "cast" on the steel plate, etched into a certain depth of concave, the concave plate, machine working automatic ink and blow off the pattern of ink, and then offset head (rubber head) pressure to the concave, take the pattern ink, transfer to the printed object.


Application of pad printing machine with conveyor: pad printing machine is widely used in daily necessities, toys, pen making, electronics, electrical appliances, plastic, leather, metal, glass, light industry and food packaging and other industries.

All kinds of electronic products keys, mobile phone keyboard, electronic panel, telephone, game machine, watches, toys, daily necessities, gifts and other hardware plastic objects LOGO, pattern text printing, can also be designed for special product needs special models

Product introduction: 

four-color pad printing machine with conveyor is a time can complete a single product four times set of color models, rotary table color accuracy, do not walk to save the operation process, work efficiency increased. Four-color rotary seat printing machine can be used as monochrome printing machine, monochrome two-head printing machine, is the enhanced version of monochrome printing machine.

Function and characteristics: 

1, micro-computer control, easy to operate, accurate and reliable action.

2, equipped with a four-digit counter.

3, the fuselage adopts high quality steel frame structure, the surface of high temperature paint, light body solid, beautiful and practical.

4, the oil roller on the ink, assembly and disassembly and cleaning is convenient.

5, can independently adjust the up and down stroke and speed of the glue head.

6, automatic balance of the oil knife, scraping oil clean and neat.

7, each ink tray seat can X, Y, Angle independent adjustment, set color accurate, improve efficiency.

8, can be two sticky ink transfer print once, in order to obtain a larger printing ink.

9, can be before and after the empty line does not glue, to prevent the ink dry solid.

10. The pneumatic element adopts the German FESTO pneumatic element, and each action can adjust the speed independently.

Machine operation safety performance: 

the printing machine conforms to the latest engineering style, as required is absolutely reliable. The machine is equipped with an emergency switch: when the emergency event presses the emergency switch, the machine will power off immediately. Return to the starting position, when the matter is handled out of the emergency switch, you can safely start and return to normal.


(1), when the machine needs to be moved or repaired, the power supply and gas source must be cut off.

(2) When adjusting or cleaning the oil cup, please follow the steps.

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