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Screen printing machine classification

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The screen printing machine is mainly used in the electronic processing industry, the screen printing logo of the printed circuit board, the logo of the instrument shell panel, the solder paste printing in the circuit board processing process, etc. The requirements of the screen printing machine are: as long as it is flat printing, it can be printed. 2. Classification of screen printing machines Screen printing machines are similar to other printing machines, with single-color, multi-color, manual and automatic models. Its special features are flat screen printing machines, curved screen printing machines and electrostatic screen printing machines. 1. Flat screen printing machine refers to a screen printing machine that uses a flat screen plate to print on a flat substrate. The screen plate is installed on the printing plate frame, and the frame is equipped with a mechanism to control the up and down movement of the printing plate and a rubber squeegee. Each time a sheet is printed, the screen frame moves up and down once, and the rubber squeegee moves back and forth. Generally, the squeegee moves horizontally against the printing plate, and the substrate is replaced by the rise and fall of the printing plate, which reduces the lifting distance of the printing plate, makes it work smoothly, and has high overprinting accuracy.

2. Curved screen printing machine refers to a screen printing machine that uses a flat screen plate to print on a circular substrate (plastic containers such as cylindrical, elliptical, spherical, and conical surfaces, glassware, and metal cans, etc.). In the curved screen printing machine, the screen plate is flat and moves in the horizontal direction, the squeegee is fixed on the printing plate, the substrate and the screen plate move synchronously for printing, and the substrate rotates with the linear speed of the printing plate. 3. Electrostatic screen printing machine refers to a screen printing machine that uses a stainless steel screen plate with good conductivity, and the electrostatic force between the positive and negative electrode plates drives the powder to pass through the through hole of the printing plate and attach it to the surface of the substrate. Use a conductive wire mesh as a printing plate, which is connected to the positive pole of the high-voltage power supply; the negative pole is a metal plate parallel to the printing plate; the substrate is between the two levels. During printing, the toner on the printing plate has a positive charge when it passes through the mesh, and is attracted by the negative charge, scattered on the printing surface, and then fixed by heating and other methods to form an imprint. This finding is mainly used for printing on high temperature substrates, such as baked steel plates.

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