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Press the rubber head, the word is printed up,this is the printing process

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Pad printing, belongs to one of the special printing way, it can printing on irregular product all kinds of words and patterns, can monochrome printing can also double color or multi-color printing, technology is relatively simple, can a printing success does not need other process, now the application of printing technology is very much, such as we use everyday cup, keyboard, pen, etc., and all kinds of the surface of the electronic products printing, are done by pad printing.


The development of pad printing

Pad printing technology first appeared in Europe, used to print the dial of the watch, introduced into China in the 1980s, because it can be printed in a small area, irregular concave and convex surface products, has a great advantage. With the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry, the application of printing technology is more and more extensive, the proportion of surface printing of electronics, toys, plastic and other products using the proportion of printing technology accounts for about 50%.


The development of the printing ink

Use in printing ink in 2000 years ago, our country is the first to use ink, as early as the western han dynasty began to use ink, the ink can write on the bamboo slips, some substances and now the ink, the invention of the northern song dynasty type printing improve the efficiency of the ink, the 15th century German with ash and flax oil mixed into the contemporary ink, the 19th century with the development of various dyes can make all kinds of color of ink.

How to print by pad printing machine?

The graphic content need to etched on the steel plate, the steel plate cleaned evenly coated a layer of photosensitive glue, affixed with graphic printed film, under the ultraviolet exposure without graphic area will harden, with developing water rinse on the film on the plate, into the corrosion liquid let graphic corrosion on the steel plate depth is not more than 0.5 mm. You can also directly use a laser to corrode the pictures on the steel plate.

Transfer head made of elastic silicone, the shape is round, rectangular and square, this kind of shape can better with the etching plate and be printed products better contact, on the parallel steel plate graphic transfer to different shapes, in the process due to the pressure and surface of glue head different head deformation, to make the transfer graphic deformation will be according to the product shape choose different soft and hard, size head, to adapt to the head after deformation to achieve the ideal effect.

Pad printing is through imaging principle, the ink coated on the etching board, a telescopic scraper scrape off the excess ink, the rest of the ink will stay in the etching board pit, made of silicone material, the concave inside the ink to the surface of the head, and then to move the product surface pressure will appear on the concave plate.

The printing ink 

We often find that the product bought with a few times on the surface printing is blurred or all off, that is, affecting the appearance of the product will also doubt the quality of the product.

Different printing processes have different requirements for ink, printing ink is characterized by strong viscosity can quickly solidify, according to the need of the color to add and then dilute water and hardening agent and other auxiliary materials debugging.

The printed products of different materials use the corresponding debugging special ink. The ink should be adjusted to the appropriate consistency, and the surface of the printed products should be clean so that the ink can have better adhesion.

The quality of printing requires that the edge of the pictures and pictures is neat, the lines of the printing pattern are clear and fuzzy phenomenon, and the firmness test of printing pictures and pictures is stuck with 3M tape for 3 times.

Some ink printing also need to be baked and UV curing, so that the printing will be more solid, our common printing for monochrome printing, so two-color or multi-color overprint is how to print up? In the past, one color was printed before cleaning the ink and then replacing another ink, so that the efficiency bottom is also prone to set the color is inaccurate.

Now a machine can make up to 12 sets of colors, each color, so that the printed product can be printed on several colors at one time, the product does not have to move to improve the efficiency and make the color more accurate.

Printing and screen printing are common printing methods what is the difference between them, screen printing first to the text and text content after exposure, hardening, development, drying process on the screen board, in the screen board into the ink with the scraper to apply pressure, so that the ink evenly cover the picture on the net board.

The ink is squeezed from the mesh part of the picture to the printed product. The screen printing requires the flat surface or regular curved surface. The printing ink is slow. Although there are some differences between the printing technology and the screen printing, they involve similar technological fields.

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