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Hear not necessarily seen | this is the printing process, solve my doubts for many years

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This looks like "seal seal" craft, is called "seal". In life, many things are inseparable from the printing, the common is the printing of mug pattern.

The following dynamic figure, 3 rubber head side by side, you first print, you first move, the cup does not need to move, you can enjoy from the "love" to "text" to "frame" a dragon elaborate design service;


The printing process is really comfortable, a big soft silicone head, stuck on the ink, "snap" cover on the object that needs to be printed. The soft silicone head fits the surface of the object tightly, in their close contact, the ink to achieve the transfer, printing to achieve the great harmony of the universe;

So, what are the principle and characteristics of pad printing? What are the main applications in the field? What are the matters needing attention? Below, for you to speak in detail.

The English name "seal" is "Pad Printing", and Pad refers to the plate, usually etched to form embedded grooves, similar to the feeling of a gravure.

OAP-171E 1

The printing process is done by spraying the ink on an etching plate and scraping off the excess ink with a retractable scraper. At this point, the solvent left in the ink in the groove of the etching plate will evaporate, thus forming a "glue". When the silicone head drops and hits the etch board, it can easily stick to the ink.

The shape of the rubber head is also very exquisite: to be able to produce a rolling action, to exhaust the excess air on the surface of the etching board and ink.

As an important tool for printing, silicone support has different models and softness degree. Specifically, which kind of silicone head should be determined according to the size, shape and rolling strength of the printing pattern.


The selection principle is: the harder the silicone head, the better the ink transfer printing effect. After printing about 50,000 times, if the silicone head has obvious signs of wear, it should be replaced in time, and it must be careful not to damage the surface of the silicone head.

Features of pad printing

Low process cost: most processes are completed by machining, with low cost for a single piece and low labor cost.

Wide printing range: it can be used for the printing of various undulating surfaces.

Suitable output: single to large batch can be, single can be simply made ordinary steel plate can be printed, large batch by machine.

Quality: can achieve clear printing details, even on undulating surfaces.

Speed: a single printing time (1-5 seconds, completed by the machine), manual slightly slower.

This printing technology is ideal for objects with less smooth surfaces that require a strong three-dimensional sense. No matter what you look like, silicone will accept you with an inclusive heart.

The following points should be paid attention to when using pad printng machine

  1. Like other printing processes, linear and rotating auxiliary equipment are needed. Among them, the rotating auxiliary equipment can realize the application of the printing process to the undulating surface and the cylindrical surface.

  2. Like screen printing, pad printing can use conductive ink, so that printing on curved and concave surfaces can be achieved.

  3. The printing area has a certain limit, the current domestic maximum can be about 150mm 450mm, but not full printing, but intermittent character class, full printing can achieve the maximum diameter of 300mm pattern, but the cost of silicone head will be very high.

  4. The width of the smallest line is more than 0.15mm, and it is recommended to do more than 0.2mm, which is difficult to achieve.

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