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Rubber Head For Pad Printing

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What is rubber head?

The rubber head was used as a carrier to transfer the pattern on the plate to the product surface. Printing rubber head is mainly used for plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, and irregular object surface printing.

The rubber head is available in different shapes, sizes and hardness. The surface of the rubber head should be smooth and soft, without sand holes or scratches. Generally speaking, when the printed part curvature is larger, it should choose the softer rubber head to be used. The rubber head is hard, then the text is not easy to produce deformation. The shape, size and hardness of the selected printing rubber head should be decided according to the shape, size of the printing piece and the image to be printed.


The correct choice of the rubber head is very important for the successful printing results. The rubber head has better rolling performance due to its steep shape. It better emits air, printing the ink more evenly on the substrate. Smooth rubber heads are more suitable for printing on fragile or three-dimensional objects.

How to choose the rubber head?

  1. The size of rubber heads

To ensure that the lines are sharp and printing without stain, the rubber head should be selected larger (that is, the effective projection area of the rubber head is greater than the graphic area on the steel template). Because the smaller the deformation of the rubber head, the sharper the printing line, at the same time, the rubber head is slightly larger than the actual printed pictures and pictures, especially for some special printing, but the pressure required by the large rubber head is greater, the more expensive the price is.


2.hardness of rubber head

The hardness of the rubber head is usually 2-18, the special hardness from 0-40 above, the higher the number, the greater the hardness. Hardness affects the printing quality and printing life, hard rubber head printing effect is good, long life. But in most cases not too hard rubber head, because it can damage the printing material; similarly, soft rubber head can be used in uneven surface, such as large curvature works. Therefore, the choice of more hard rubber head, depends on the pressure size of the printing, the greater the pressure, the harder the rubber head. But the rubber head pressure should not be too big, otherwise the substrate will have small cracks, easy to appear stains. In short, when the printing line is thin, the rubber head is relatively soft, printed on the plane surface, the rubber head can be hard, for the curved printing surface or uneven surface should choose a softer rubber head.

3.The quality of the silicone rubber used in the rubber head and the transfer of the ink

The printing rubber head is made of elastic materials such as silicone rubber. There are two main types of silicone rubber: polymerization type and adding polymerization type. From the physical properties such as anti-pull, anti-solvent, the polymerized head is better than the polymerized head, of course, the price of raw materials is more expensive. The smoothness of the surface is an important factor in determining the quality of printing, and small stains or air bubbles can affect the printing. At the beginning of the printing shift, the new glue head may not be able to absorb the ink, which can be tested on the paper or cleaned with alcohol to solve. It can also be cleaned, the adhesive head can immediately absorb ink from the steel template; when the ink transfer is not very good, adhesive tape to the dust of the adhesive head. At the same time, the rise and fall of the pad head will also affect the amount of ink transfer.

4.The shape of the rubber head

Printing head is an important part of the process of printing machine, which directly affects the transfer rate and printing quality of ink. All standard rubber head shapes have one feature in common: the printing surface is convex, with a certain Angle from the edge to the printing area in the middle. This convex surface affects the ink transfer, but maintains the cleanliness of the ink printing. Half-round, conical glue head is ideal, can rotate evenly to prevent bubbles, but also easy to transfer the ink from the steel template to the substrate, but the shape of the rubber head can sometimes be square or rectangular. If it is a square, you must ensure that the middle is conical, so that the rubber head is easy to turn. The effect of rectangular pad printing is not ideal, because the head can only move in two vertical directions. Sometimes there are special shapes and uses for the production of rubber heads.

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