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Pad printing machine has unique advantages

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Pad printing machine is a kind of printing equipment, suitable for plastic, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC sealing, etc. Pad printing machine is an indirect concave adhesive rubber head printing technology, which has become a major method of surface printing and decoration of various objects.Now more and more manufacturers use the pad printing machine to print commodity description, trademarks and other patterns. Why are they willing to choose the pad printing machine as their choice? Where is the competitiveness of the printing machine?

In fact, the pad printing machine does have many advantages that the similar printing equipment does not have.

First of all, a pad printing machine can do up to 12 colors called multicolor printing, these colors can be printed in one time, so both improve the efficiency and save money, even just factory small manufacturers can afford this part of the cost, by contrast, similar products screen machine multi-color overprinting is expensive.

Compared to the screen printer machine, the ink layer of the pad printing is very thin, which means that it is easy to leave traces on the surface of any product, whether the product surface is flat, curved, or wavy, pad printing can perfect copy printing pattern, but screen printing machine in this respect is very complex, flat screen machine can only print flat products, if you want to print curved and wave surface will apply another curved screen printing machine.

And, pad printing machine has a very good color performance and printing adaptability, although screen printing technology printing pattern stereo feeling strong, touch can feel uneven, but if more than printing product types, printing machine can be called everything, whether plastic or metal, whether sports goods or glass products, for moving machine is a piece of cake.It is the high performance and low price of the printing machine to fully adapt to the highly development of commercial material society, and become the first choice of contemporary manufacturers, such as Ningbo printer and Shanghai printing machine are the production province of printing machine, conveying high efficiency machinery for the whole society.

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