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how to repair the screen printing machine

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When a equipment of electrical system failure, don't rush to remove, first to understand the cause of the electrical equipment failure, through, scope, phenomenon, familiar with the equipment and the basic working principle of electrical system, analyze the specific circuit, make clear the principle of interconnection between all levels and the causes of signals in the circuit, careful analysis. We should be good at seeing the essence through the phenomenon, and be good at grasping the main contradiction of things. Combined with my actual experience, after careful thinking, to determine a scientific, in line with the actual maintenance plan.

Among them, the quick and effective maintenance skills --six steps as following.

(1) Mechanical circuit first, then the circuit first. Electrical equipment is based on the electrical-mechanical principle, especially the advanced equipment of mechatronics, mechanical and electrical functional organic coordination, is a whole two aspects. Often mechanical parts failure, affecting the electrical system, the function of many electrical components does not work. Therefore, do not be confused by the surface phenomenon, should be through the essence of the phenomenon, the electrical system failure is not all the problem of the electrical itself, may be caused by the failure of mechanical parts. Therefore, the first overhaul of the mechanical fault caused by the system, and then eliminate the fault of the electrical part, will often receive the effect of twice the result with half the effort.

(2) Simple first. After the complex. This technique contains two meanings: one is to repair the maintenance of faults, to use simple and easy, maintenance personnel their own methods to deal with and then use complex, accurate or their unfamiliar methods. Second, when troubleshooting, first eliminate intuitive, obvious, simple and common faults, after the troubleshooting of difficult, not handled difficult faults. In short: first easy, then difficult.

(3) First, external debugging. Post-internal processing. Exterior means the various switches, buttons, sockets, and indicator lights exposed to the electrical equipment housing or seal; internal means the printed circuit boards, components, and connected wiring inside the electrical equipment housing or seal. First external debugging, then internal processing, is the use of switch, button, knob, socket and other debugging inspection on the electrical equipment panel, compress the fault range. First, eliminate faults caused by external parts of electrical equipment. Repair the internal faults of the equipment again, and try to avoid unnecessary disassembly.

(4) Static side test first, then dynamic side volume."Static refers to the maintenance of electrical equipment without power after a failure; dynamic,'refers to the maintenance of electrical equipment after electrical power. When most electrical equipment is repaired after failure, it cannot be energized immediately. If it is powered on, the fault range may be expanded artificially, damaging more components and causing undeserved losses. Therefore, before the faulty electrical equipment, the side of the resistance, and take the necessary preventive measures, power maintenance

(5) First public circuit, then special circuit. The public circuit of any electrical equipment fails, its energy, information cannot be transmitted, and the function and performance of each specific circuit, special circuit does not work. If the power supply part of an electrical equipment fails, the whole system will not function properly. It is impossible to achieve the energy and information transmitted to various special circuits. Therefore, only follow the first public circuit. After the order of the special circuit, can quickly and accurately eliminate the fault of the electrical equipment

(6) Overhaul common diseases first, and then attack difficult diseases. Electrical equipment is often prone to the same type of failure, which is the common fault. Because of the " common disease,, it is more common. The number of processing and the exclusion methods are more, the accumulated experience is rich, so it can be quickly eliminated, so that the concentration and time elimination is relatively rare and difficult. Odd and difficult diseases, simplify the steps, narrow the fan circle, targeted, improve the speed of maintenance.

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