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What is the working principle of Flat Screen Printing Machine?

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the Flat Screen Printing Machine is an invaluable tool for businesses or individuals looking to produce high-quality prints. Its ability to print on a variety of surfaces quickly and accurately makes it a great choice for those who want speed and quality in their printing projects. With its easy setup and user-friendly features, this machine will be sure to provide you with excellent results every time!

  • The benefits of flat screen printing

  • What are the product features of Flat Screen Printing Machine?

  • What is the working principle of Flat Screen Printing Machine?

The benefits of flat screen printing

Flat screen printing is a popular printing method for a variety of applications. The main benefit of flat screen printing is that it provides a high-quality print at a lower cost than traditional methods. Additionally, flat screen printing is faster and more efficient, making it an ideal choice for large print runs.

What are the product features of Flat Screen Printing Machine?

The Flat Screen Printing Machine uses a rubber conveyor belt (referred to as the guide belt) to transport the towel movement, and multiple flat screens overprint different colors on the towel. The accuracy of printing and color registration directly affects the appearance and quality level of the finished towel, so it is required to drag The positioning of the system is accurate; in order to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, a certain printing and dyeing speed must be maintained. If the speed is too fast, the inertia is too large, and the conduction belt is difficult to stop, the positioning and registration will inevitably be inaccurate, which is an unavoidable contradiction.

What is the working principle of Flat Screen Printing Machine?

First, paste the white towel blank with latex glue on the predetermined position of the guide belt, then start the frequency converter to drive the three-phase cage AC asynchronous motor, and the motor will drag the guide belt after being decelerated by the worm gear reducer. After the flat screen is in a stable position, the frame of the flat screen is pressed down to fit the towel tightly, and the thin round magnetic steel rod placed in the screen frame is driven by the magnetic field controller under the conveyor belt to roll back and forth, and the pigment placed in the flat screen is passed through. The cut-out graphic is printed and dyed onto the towel. After the pattern of the first color is printed, the screen frame is raised, the guide belt sends the towel to the position of the next screen frame and stops, and the printing and dyeing of the second color pattern begins... until multiple colors (generally 8~10 Color) is registered and printed in sequence, and one colored towel is completed, and the second towel is printed and dyed immediately after the first towel without intervals... Repeatedly, continuous operation. After each towel is printed and dyed, it is immediately sent to a tunnel-type steam drying room for drying, and then hemmed, sorted, quality inspected, packaged, and delivered to the warehouse.

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