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What is the cause of the color difference of UV flat panel printer products?

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The color difference of the product printed by the flat panel printer is mainly caused by the following reasons, that is, ICC curve, color palette, ink, software and temperature, etc. Let's take a look in detail:

1.Problem solution of the color tone of uv printer:

modify on the original image, For example, ps, ai, cdr software are used to correct the original image color, Then perform color fill and contrast, Then do one-to-one printing;

2.UV flat panel printer ink problem solution:

different types of UV ink has different color and saturation, light and shade, color gamut, Replacing a new UV ink will inevitably lead to pattern printing color problems, The need to reinvent the color curves, next, Different ink points, Printing a side view requires observing the state of the vents, If there is a blockage, If the ink discharge is not smooth, the nozzle is required to be cleaned, If it is an ink precipitation problem, Because the internal color of long-unused uv ink may have precipitation problems, It needs to be adequately stirred before use, If there is a condensation and a bond shape, This indicates that the uv ink has expired, It needs to be replaced;


3.the ICC curve of the flat panel printer is out of the problem solution: 

restore to the color ICC curve value of the factory setting, If it is not set up, you can contact the technical personnel of the manufacturer for remote guidance or remote modification, If another kind of UV ink is replaced, Need to remake the color ICC curve; 

4.flat panel printer affected by temperature solution

The outside temperature between 15-30 degrees Celsius is a good temperature environment for uv printers, If the temperature is still too low, You need to install the air conditioning, If the temperature is too high, it is necessary to cool it down; 

5. The fault solution of the tablet printer software appears: 

reinstall the software of the tablet printer, If the value is wrong, it needs to be restored, But be aware that, You need to kill the computer before reinstalling it, Add the uv printer software to the whitelist of antivirus software.

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