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What do you know about Pad printing ink?

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Pad printing ink is different from general solvent-based inks, water-based inks and UV light-curable screen printing inks. Although Pad printing inks and screen printing inks share some similar characteristics, they are quite different.

  • What is the difference between Pad printing ink and general ink?

  • What are the precautions for using Pad printing ink?

  • What is the main ingredient of Pad printing ink?

What is the difference between Pad printing ink and general ink?

Unlike screen printing inks, Pad printing inks dry faster, which is also the most prominent feature of Pad printing inks. At the same time, Pad printing inks are often printed on films, which makes Pad printing inks easily affected by factors such as temperature, humidity, and static electricity. Inks specially formulated for pad printing include one-component inks, two-component inks, bake-dry, oxidative and sublimation inks, and more. Two-component ink is also called chemical reaction ink. Before printing, a catalyst must be added. The catalyst reacts with the resin in the ink, and the ink is dried through polymerization.

What are the precautions for using Pad printing ink?

When using two-component inks in pad printing, it is necessary to add a certain ratio of catalyst, usually measured by weight. The addition ratio of the catalyst must be strictly controlled, adding too much will greatly shorten the "adaptation period" of the ink; adding too little may cause the ink to fail to achieve the best drying performance during drying. Generally speaking, if the mixing ratio of Pad printing ink and catalyst is improper, it will lead to printing defects such as uneven ink adhesion and insufficient durability of printed images. Sublimation ink requires special processing during use, that is, it must be heated after printing to make the substrate porous, so that when the dye contacts the surface of the heated substrate, the dye in the ink becomes gaseous, It then gets into the surface of the substrate and actually changes the surface color of the substrate. Once the substrate cools, the ink adheres to the surface of the substrate.

What is the main ingredient of Pad printing ink?

Pad printing ink includes binders, pigments, solvents and additives. The vehicle consists of one or more resins, which in most cases are in powder form and must be dissolved in a suitable solvent or solvent mixture. Resin selection and synthesis determine the printing properties of the ink, such as transfer and adhesion to the substrate, gloss and chemical resistance. Solvent is the decisive factor for the drying speed of Pad printing ink, and it also affects the printing speed and adhesion. The effect of slow drying agent on pad printing is not too great, because the speed of pad printing is very fast, it is only needed when using fast drying ink. The slow drying agent evaporates slowly, so it will not have much effect on printing.

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