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Vacuum suction Exposure Machine for Screen Printing Plate

various Alumanium  screen frame with printing design
  • Aluminum Mesh Frame

  • OLAT

  • 8443919090

The principle of screen plate printing

Screen printing is the most widely used process method in pore plate printing. Silk fabric, synthetic fiber or wire mesh tightened on the Al frame, using manual paint film or photochemical printing method, so that the screen plate can be printed ink, and the non-graphic part of the mesh blocked. When printing, the printing ink is poured into the mesh frame, and then the scraper made of rubber or polyurethane is scraped on the screen layout, so that the ink leaks through the mesh on the bearing, forming the required text.The screen version is soft and elastic after making it.Therefore, it can not only be printed on soft seals such as paper and textiles, but also on glass and ceramics that can not bear too much pressure, and directly on plates or mouldings made of materials such as metal and hard plastic.Not limited by the size and shape of the printing products.General printing method (convex, flat, gravure printing) can only be printed on the plane, and screen printing can not only print on the plane products, can also on the soft, hard, plane, curved surface and other special shape object printing, and can also be printed as small as instrument panel, circuit board, jewelry ornaments, etc., to large advertising,curtain, etc. Thick ink layer, strong covering force.In all the printing methods, the ink layer thickness of screen printing is the largest, so the level of text is rich, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and has the thickness feel. All types of inks will apply. Whether it is oily, water, synthetic resin, powder and various coatings can be printed. Screen ink is beyond the usual definition of ink.In fact, a variety of paste, paint, adhesive or powder can be used, so sometimes the screen printing ink is called "printing material". Because of the thick ink layer of screen printing, the ink with thick pigment particles, light-resistant pigments and fluorescent pigments can be used as the color material of screen printing ink. Image restoration performance is poor. It is easily jagged at the edge of the line when printing thinner lines, such as below 0.1mm.

Application scope of screen plate printing

Screen plate printing has the characteristics of soft printing, small printing pressure, thick ink layer, strong covering force, strong three-dimensional sense, flexible printing method, not limited by the size and shape of the seal is known as in addition to air and water, can be printed "universal printing method".


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 Cel: +86-13862636990
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