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Screen printing is mainly used in the following aspects

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Screen printing is mainly used in the following aspects:

One. Electronic products

Including printed circuit board, thick film integrated circuit, liquid crystal devices, thin film switch and printing resistance.

In the past 10 years, due to the development of the electronic industry, the screen printing machine is more and more widely used in the electronic industry.The production of printing circuit board is now inseparable from the screen printing press.The surface decoration of electronic products, film switch, instrument panel, printed circuit, thick film circuit, LCD display, touch switch and various instrument panel of electrical products, key case printing production with screen printer.In particular, the production of resistance, capacitors, potentials, filters and other electronic components by the screen printing machine greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost.

Two. Signs products

Including metal and plastic signs, instrument panels and all kinds of trademarks.

The development of industry requires more and more high signs of products, signs not only play the role of product signs, signs and so on, but also play the role of beautifying products, decorative products.Because of the strong three-dimensional sense of screen printing, simple process, suitable for a variety of material nameplate, so the use of screen printing machine production, greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve the production efficiency.From the development trend, China's sign production to the world level close to take a gratifying step.

Three. Fabric products

Including all kinds of screen printing, print bags, shoes, hat etc.; sheets, covers and cloth prints.Fabric screen printing is a large business field, accounting for a large proportion of the screen printing industry.

Screen printing in addition to using flat screen printing also uses round net printing, roller printing.At present, jelly printing is widely used, such as clothing, sweatshirt, flags, clothing, shoes and hats, T-shirt fabric printing screen printing products.

Four. Ceramic flower paper products

Before the 1980s, the main offset printing method, in the 1990s are changed to screen printing machine production, larger ceramic paper factories have used automatic screen printing machine, now, flower paper factory in order to participate in the market competition is from large membrane paper to small membrane paper transfer the process.

Five. Large-scale advertising products

Screen printing can print the outdoor large signs above 1m x 2m signs, billboards, road signs, advertisements, posters, display boards, etc.

Six. Marker products

Such as large traffic signs, road signs and various flags.

Seven. packaging products

Screen printing machine is widely used in packaging and decoration industry, rapid development, great market potential.At present, the fully automatic, semi-automatic, curved surface screen printing machine is mainly used in the packaging industry.In recent years, the use of imitation metal etching ink net printing high-grade cigarette bag, wine bag color box and other popular in the market.

Eight. Commercial products

Various magnetic cards, credit cards, certificates, Braille, stationery and book cover decoration, business cards and tourist souvenirs, etc.

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