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Print On Aluminum alloy : screen printing & uv printing

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In today's era of pursuing high quality, the excellent difference of aluminum alloy shell is not only stay in whether it can play a protective role, after satisfying this basic element, people begin to pursue more added value. Among them, printing font patterns on the surface of aluminum alloy, is many businesses to distinguish the personalized needs of market products.

Screen printing and uv printing are the two most commonly used aluminum alloy printing methods. What's the difference between the two?

Screen printing

Silk screen printing is short for "silk screen printing". Screen printing is to make silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric or wire mesh stretched on the mesh frame, by manual lacquer film or photochemical plate making method. Modern screen printing technology, the use of photographic materials through the production of photographic screen printing method (the screen printing plate on the graphic part of the screen hole for the hole, rather than the graphic part of the screen hole is blocked).

Advantages: 1. Small limited factors. General printing is limited to the plane, while the screen printing is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate, which can not only be printed on the plane, but also on the curved surface of special shape.

2, suitable for all kinds of inks.

3. Strong adhesion.

4. Fast printing speed.

5, suitable for long-term display, outdoor advertising highlights its performance.

6, strong rotary light resistance, temperature and sunlight are not affected.


1, there are demand for plate printing: screen printing belongs to contact printing, need to plate making, plate making price is fixed, small batch printing cost is high.

2. Limited in color. Silk printing can only print one color, if multi-color printing needs to set color, color technical requirements are high, easy to appear the phenomenon of color prohibition, leading to the increase of product scrap rate, and can not achieve gradient printing.

3, can not control the amount of ink, easy to lead to the phenomenon of different printing thickness of the same batch of products.

UV printing

UV printing is a printing process that dries and solidifies an ink by UV light, which requires combining an ink containing a photosensitizer with a UV curing lamp. The application of UV printing is one of the most important contents of the printing industry.


1. No plate making. To meet the personalized needs, the design sample draft can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, and the computer effect is the finished product effect.

2. No tedious follow-up processing. The finished product only takes a few minutes, the production batch is not limited; the finished product does not need to steam, washing and waiting for the processing process, namely hit and dry.

3. It is conducive to improving the added value of products. Accept customization, fast speed, can be operated online.

4, good environmental protection performance. Compared with the unpleasant and pungent smell of weak solvent and screen printing, the uv-printed ink has a stimulating odor, but it has greatly reduced the environmental pollution.


1, time. Uv printing is slower than screen printing.

2, for the products with a high drop (> 20mm) can not be perfectly printed, and easy to fly ink and blur.

3. Uv ink is divided into hard ink, soft ink and neutral ink. For different materials, different ink are used, and the cost of ink is twice higher than that of ordinary water-based ink.

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