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Knowledge: the daily maintenance process of the screen printing machine

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For the daily maintenance of screen printing machine, the following Olat provides several effective maintenance methods:

  1. Strengthen the maintenance of the important parts of the screen printing machine. Gars, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings are important press parts on the printing press, and their maintenance should be different from other parts, because changes in their accuracy will affect the final printing quality.

    Spring is the most force balanced part used in the used wire printing machine, the quality of their work directly determines the accuracy of the moving parts to cooperate with each other, the spring must have sensitive elasticity, and the lag elasticity and unrecoverable plastic deformation is extremely unfavorable to the work of the spring. If the above problems are found, replace the spring immediately

  2. Machine preparation state detection. The preparation state of the screen printing machine can be detected by clicking or turning it. If tools and other items are stuck in the machine; whether the printing plate installation position is appropriate, if not suitable, it may damage the printing plate or bring great difficulties to find rules; whether the blanket installation is appropriate, if not appropriate, it may cause printing failure, serious may make the blanket or machine damage.

  3. Impact during the machine operation. The smaller the impact during the operation of the screen printing machine, the more conducive to the printing, but also can prolong the service life of the machine. Reducing the printing pressure is an important condition to ensure the smooth operation of the screen printing machine. On the premise of ensuring the printing quality, the smaller the printing pressure of the screen printing machine, the better. Reducing the speed of the machine is another important condition to reduce the inertia of the machine. The lower the speed of the machine, the less the inertia, so the machine cannot always run at high speed.

    Although the machine is made of iron, but used for a long time will be sick like people . Employees who can only produce are not good employees, but those who can produce and operate and maintain the machine are good employees.

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